Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tinubu condemns blasts at media houses

Ayodele Samuel,Lagos
: Tinubu Media Office Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, national leader of
the Action Congress of
Nigeria (ACN), has condemned the
blasts at media houses in Abuja and
saying it is a serious attack on Nigeria's democracy.
He however offered the opposition's
cooperation to President
Goodluck Jonathan, to curtail the
present dire security situation and end
the drift in the polity.
"The attacks on the Abuja office of This
Day and the Kaduna offices of This Day,
Daily Sun and The
Moment adds a different and dangerous
dimension to the level of insecurity in our country," Tinubu said in reaction
to the blasts.  "We have never had it so
bad in this country."
He said the brazen attack on the three
newspapers, in two different
locations in the country was red signal that it was time to confront and
conquer the precarious political situation
in the country, adding that a free
press was key to democracy, which, he
insisted, underscored an American
president's saying that given a choice between having a government without
press or the press without government,
he would glad choose the press.
"The fact that Boko Haram continues to
attack buildings and kill innocent Nigerians un-apprehended is a symptom
of the failure of intelligence and security
breakdown," he said.  "Even then, any
government worth its salt
ought to be extremely worried about
this new but dangerous trend of attacking
media houses.  It must therefore be
jolted to take actions to stem the tide."
However the former governor of Lagos
said it was not time to trade
blame, but time to put heads together to face and defeat a common insecurity
monster, adding that the opposition was
ready to work with President Jonathan.
"We call on all leaders of thought, and
all religious and political leaders
to rally and let us together find a way to resolve this problem.  Whether it is
religious or political Boko Haram, we
must root it out by
ensuring justice and fairness," Asiwaju
Tinubu appealed.
He assured the president that the opposition was ready to work with
him on the insecurity question, but
stressed that the president must consult
wide on this rather delicate issue.
"We in the opposition are ready and
willing to cooperate with the president to solve this problem," he
offered.  "But the president must
consult wide and show good faith in a
and collective solution.  That is the way
we can solve the problem together." Asiwaju Tinubu condoled with the
management and staff of the
newspapers involved and sympathised
with the victims of the blast.
"I wish to sympathise and condole with
everyone affected by this avoidable tragedy.  May God comfort

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