Thursday, September 9, 2010

2011 and Nigeria youth

2011 and Nigeria youth Ayodele Samuel The failure of different government to conduct free, fair, peaceful and credible election has made it difficult for Nigerians to rely on President Jonathan’s words to deliver credible polls comes 2011 election, the need for Nigerians, especially youths to register, select right candidates, vote and protect their votes just remains the best option to protect our future. If the youths teams up rightly, I would be right to say Nigeria youths would determine the next set of leaders we would have, but the fear remain making a right choice. The youths consist of a large number of voters in every elections, now the youth would also play a major role in the conduct of the poll if, Jega’s decision to use youth corps members remains. If during 1993 election, I was under age, I knew not the role of the youth in making that election free and fair, but 2003 and 2007 the youth was badly used in the process, many of our friends ended up as a 2000 per day political thugs, few stanched ballot boxes but we all suffer the consequence of bad governance and misrepresentation those administration gave back as dividend, now its 2011 we are saddled to make the right choice. The 2003 and 2007 produced administration was a disaster to the youth, the rate of unemployment over increased , ASUU strike closed down our universities for months, we couldn’t compete internationally because we were half baked, the government seems never to yields any of our plights . It is time for youths to stop sacrificing their future for mere food. Avoid being used as political thugs by dubious politicians who have their children schooling in western parts of the world The politicians due to unemployment they have created has turned many Nigerian youths to immeasurable weapons for election looting, political campaign violence, election rigging and other electoral frauds that turn Nigerian politics to do or die affair. It is time for us to stand for what is right even if we’re standing alone. We are no longer leaders of the tomorrow we knew not, the tomorrow our politicians have destroy but today’s leaders and tomorrow shapers of a future and a great country The role of youths in nation building and credible elections include active participations in a lawful manner in decision making especially when it comes to determining who rules the nation realizing the fact that, youths are the future of every country. The future of the youths can only be secured when true and patriotic Nigerians are installed into government with the help of the teaming youth through free and fair election not selection as we have it in the Nigerian politics. We youth must rise to defend democracy in this election, the will of the people must not be not subverted by these criminal politicians who have spent their valuable life span looting this nation, we will bear the consequence of their deeds if we don’t stop them now.