Saturday, April 28, 2012

Media Rights Agenda condemns Bombing of offices of ThisDay and other newspapers

Media Rights Agenda condemns
Bombing of offices of ThisDay and other
Ayodele Samuel,Lagos

Rights Agenda (MRA) has condemned
today's bombings of the offices of
ThisDay newspapers in Abuja and
Kaduna as
well as the offices of The Sun and The Moment newspapers in an apparently
coordinated plan. The Abuja office of the newspaper was
bombed at about 11.30 this morning
with scores of lives reportedly lost while
several others were injured. At
about the same time, a building in
Kaduna, housing 'Thisday', 'Sun' and 'The
Moment' newspapers, was also bombed
with no less than three deaths also
reported at the incident. In a statement on behalf of the
organization, MRA's executive director,
Edetaen Ojo condemned what he called
"a cowardly and dastardly" attack on
media freedom and a shocking disregard for human life. He said: "We are extremely concerned
by the apparent helplessness of the
Federal Government as well as the law
enforcement and security agencies in
the face of this relentless onslaught on
the Nigerian people which has caused hundreds of innocent citizens
their lives in the last several
months." Mr. Ojo called on the Federal
Government to live up to its primary
responsibility of ensuring the security
and welfare of the people saying
that it appeared to have failed woefully
in this regard. He asked the Government to devote all
the resources at its disposal to find
those responsible for these ongoing acts
of terrorism and bring them to
justice in order to end this climate of
fear and impunity which has paralyzed governance, commercial and
social activities in many parts of the

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