Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lagos Govt. Opts For Wind Power to slove power failure

Ayodele Samuel , Lagos As parts ot efforts to eradicate the problem of Electric power failure, the Lagos state government is set to launched a project which will see the state employing wind energy as its alternative source of power supply. The project which could gulp about N34 billion(200million Euros) was brought about as a result of ineffectiveness and near collapse of power generation in the country, especially in Lagos state. Commissioner of Science and Technology, Dr. Kadri Hamzat, said the state had already sent out experts to understudy how wind energy, as alternative power supply, could be used in the state. “Wind energy is something we are considering because the world is thinking of comparative energy generally. I was viewing a documentary, which says that the United States has one per cent of their energy from wind, but they are thinking of increasing it to 11 per cent. “Again, it is expensive but then, do we have the skill to monitor it by the day? So, what His Excellency has directed is that we must get experts who can enlighten us. “I have searched on the internet, I have spoken to people and seen how it is done outside. I think the project will cost about 200 million euros, which is a lot of money,” Hamzat stated. According to the commissioner, “we are talking to MAIS, which is an aspect of IBS, that there is a company they gave a letter to carry out the survey. There was a survey that was done across the whole country, which I have now, that Lekki alone can supply 1,000 mega watts of electricity by wind. “We are saying this company should go and do a study and identify particularly where the project will be and know how many coasts or water ways will be used, and so on. “We have given them that assignment and they have started doing that and then we will get our own independent expert review on the report and at the end of the day, if it is viable, we will do it and if it is not, we wouldn’t do it.” Hamzat also spoke on the Ikeja digital village, saying that the village is a place where you can study and also get information about the state. “It is not something that has been done before. We have about 340 PCs there, which means, at a time, I can train 80 people, and everybody will have his own PC, be able to do simulations among others. “We are buying about two million books, not physical books, but computer books, whereby three persons can read a book at the same time,” he stated.

Oando, Big Treat Partners …

Ayodele Samuel, Lagos Oando Plc and Big Treat food restaurants have entered partnership arrangement to set Big treat Outlets at all Oando filling Station. The Duo who unveils the first outlet in Awolowo way ikoyi lagos 5 others same day in the state, the partnership is expected to produce 20 more open outlets before the year runs out. The Chief Operating Officer of Oando Marketing Limited Mrs. Lara Banjoko said the desire of the company to provide high level of service to it costumers was responsible for the partnership deal. She however underscore the reason for Oando decided to partner with big treat. saying the opening of Big treat outlet at Oando Filling station would give it customers quick access to delicacies treatment offer by the restaurant. The cooperate communication Oando Mr. Meka olowola said Big treat possess a demonstrable high level of commitment which could attrack the attension of any company with vision

NAPE –Nigeria has gas to sustain for 100 years

Ayodele Samuel,Lagos Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists NAPE has reveal that the nation’s gas reserves could last for the next 100 years and was enough to sustain on going domestic and regional projects. The President, NAPE, Dr. Kingsley Ejoh, disclose this at a one-day seminar organised by the association for journalists , adding that based on the current reserves, there were enough gas to feed all the projects. The NAPE president, said, Nigeria’s gas reserves was about 180 trillion cubic feet. “Based on the industry’s estimation, can last for 100 years production,” he said. Speaking on backdrop of fears that there might not be sufficient gas in the country to feed domestic gas projects, particularly the independent power projects said there were enough gas for them. Addressing press men on the association Annual Pre-Conference Workshop, which is to hold next week Tuesday in Lagos,he said, “This year’s pre-conference workshop theme was chosen to deliver to government and all stakeholders, a deep and incisive articulation of the issues affecting gas and the energy industry in Nigeria.” He also said the workshop will “propose practical means of achieving national reserve targets in addition to deriving the most value from the commodity.” Expected to grace the event is the state minister for energy Cheif emmanuel Odusina, as special adviser to the president on Enegry matter Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah, NNPC Group General manager National Gas master plan mr. Timi Okon among others

FATHER AND SON; Father Condemns Gay Son’s Church

AYODELE SAMUEL and Yinka Elebute, LAGOS Father of lagos gay pastor Professor Augustus Olakunle Macaulay,has condemns his son , Rev. Roland Jide Macaulay and distanced himself from the son’s gay ministry. Prof. Macaulay denial his indugience of the gay ministry in a press conference this yersterday held un Lagos, admitted knowing that his son is gay but added that he never knew that he is the pastor of a gay church. At the press conference held at the United Bible University where the professor is the director of studies, he dissociated his theology school from the House of Rainbow, Macaulay’s gay church. The theology school, he claimed only hosted the praise night of Jide Macaulay’s church. He said he never knew that his church was a gay church. “I have never had anything to do with homosexuality or lesbianism and will never, by the grace of God.” Even though the father of the gay pastor condemned the son’s ministry, he added that he will never deny him as a son. “Roland is my son and I cannot deny him because he is a gift from God. I love him and respect him. I personally relate with him as a father and not with the church he controls.” He said that since the report the family has been in emotional trauma and that his son has not been located since then. the Heart breaking story which ws published 12 September, PM.News exposed the activities of the gay church, House of Rainbow, which operates from a two-bedroom apartment in Block 145, Jakande Estate, at the Oke Afa area of Isolo, Lagos State. During investigations that lasted for several weeks, PM.News reporters discovered that scores of homosexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, and ‘transgender’ people regularly congregate at the assembly, touted as the first gay church ever in Nigeria to worship God. It was also observed that, Rowland Jide Macaulay, a 42-year-old self-professed ‘reverend’ and UK-trained lawyer, who presides over the ministry, attended mainly by top fashion designers, models, celebrities, activists, among others, misinterprets the Bible, by quoting several portions to justify the practice of homosexuality and bisexuality, which the holy book abhors. Weekly, the preacher, who wears rough curls, and dresses flamboyantly, claimed that being gay is “totally acceptable in God’s sight.” Macaulay says that his mission is to draw about 14 million gay people, he claims, exist in the country, to the fold. The gay ministry also plans to further promote the movement, with its plan to sponsor five interested people to study theology, in line with the gay doctrine. The story first hit the newsstands on 11 May this year, when Jide Macaulay was one of the guests at the recording of a television show called Moment With Mo, anchored by celebrity presenter, Mo Abudu, at the City Mall Studio, Onikan, Lagos. During the Television show, the self-acclaimed man of God shocked Nigerians when he declared that homosexuality is not against the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The gay pastor and several other homosexuals and lesbians in the studio on that day took two good hours explaining comfortably to Nigerians that being homosexual does not make one a sinner. Reverend Macaulay disclosed that he has been a gay since he was 14 years old and had several intercourse with different men. When asked if the Bible does not preach against sodomy, the act of having sex with another man through the anus, the “man of God” said it was not in the Bible. He said the case of sodomy in the Bible is an isolated one and must not be taken out of context. He admitted that he practices sodomy and was comfortable with it as a gay. He further explained that marriage in the Bible has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but love and trust. Macaulay disclosed that he is a trustworthy gay. The gay “man of God” explained that he does not feel attracted to women no matter how beautiful they may look, but on the contrary, has strong feelings for handsome men. While other gays and lesbians in the television studio did not want their faces to appear on television, Macaulay said he is happy being the face of the faceless. After the television show, Reverend Macaulay said that he is bold to talk about his homosexuality because “that is who I am.” Another young lesbian, who did not want her face to appear on television, said she was introduced to lesbianism by a female friend at a tender age. She disclosed that she has dated many girls and had sex with most of them. She also said she has strong feelings for girls and does not feel same for men. When asked if she would like to quit lesbianism, she said never. She added that now that she is a lesbian, she can never become heterosexual again. The City Mall edifice, on 11 May, looked like a rendezvous for gays with several homosexuals and lesbians freely and openly holding hands and kissing in public.