Tuesday, April 9, 2013

crisis hits Crime reporters over new president

Vote Barabbas Orji and CRAN is finished
In the book of Matthew Chapter 25v17 Pontius Pilate in exercising his prerogative powers to set any prisoner free at the annual feast of the Jews, asked them on this occasion who to set free between Barabbas a notorious and chronic armed robber and Jesus Christ the Son of God. "Who will ye that I release unto you? Barabbas or Jesus who is called the Christ?" he asked the crowd.
In verse20, the Bible states that the Chief Priests and ELDERS persuaded the multitude that they should ask for the release of Barabbas and destroy Jesus, and so in verse 21, they said "Barabbas."
Alas! Like all those who wished for a Barabbas instead of Jesus, they end up placing a curse upon themselves and their children and so it was in Matthew chapter 27 v25 which reads "They answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us and our children!!!"
The rest as they say is history. However, only last week some faceless and clueless 'ELEDERS' of CRAN who no doubt are descendants of the elders described in the narratives of the Bible chapters and verses quoted above exhibited the traits of their progenitors with a stinker toddlers wouldn't touch with a long stick let alone be associated with.
These so called elders of CRAN by what they fed the public last week in our summation are not only blind, deaf but dumb and are mere scavengers, bootlickers…whose meal must be dead carcasses.
These elders are blind to the act of extortions being perpetrated on daily basis by their godson Barabbas Christopher Orji who from our independent findings, has with the connivance of some of his private hatchet men, and most probably with the evil blessing of the equally shameless elders extort monies running into thousands of naira from families of suspected robbers with the promise to set their siblings free because he is the president of CRAN.
These elders were deaf when one of the finest Area Commanders the Lagos Police Command can ever boast of, challenged Barabbas Christopher Orji over his perfidious acts; he went livid with anger and thereafter authored a petition to Police authorities in Lagos and Abuja accusing the sagacious officer of threatening his life.
These elders were dumb when the Police having swung into action, set up a panel to investigate the allegations of Barabbas Orji and will ever remain dumb if they get to know that their godson turned himself into a reptile as he crawled on the floor begging for forgiveness as he wept profusely like an orphaned child.
Why would the expired so-called CRAN president crawl like a common lizard forming a human heap on the floor (you imagine his pot belly that is filled with the stolen wealth of the people on the ceramic floor of the five star Protea Hotels in Ikeja, GRA)
1.    Though he authored the wicked and mischievous petition on the letter headed paper of the association, he deceitfully lured Miss or Mrs. "Donatus" Evelyn to sign on his behalf in order to drive home the criminal malign a fine police officer with record of efficient service delivery.
2.     Of course those are the antics of a conman and a clear indication that history is about to record the modern day Barabbas
3.    The content of the said petition contained nothing but tissues of lies, rather, the panel discovered to their chagrin, that what Barabbas Orji was alleging were mere fathoms and figment of his imagination all  because the officer made to checkmate  his dubious and nefarious acts criminal extortion of suspects and their family members…
Are these scavengers called CRAN ELDERS oblivious of the fact that Barabbas Christopher Orji is a super editor when it comes to cornering funds given to the association to his private use? That is their stock in trade - after all, birds of a kind plumage normally flock together.
These shameless elders must have been mandated to persuade already bewildered members of CRAN who were already fed up with the misrule of Barabbas Orji's misadventure as CRAN President and like their progenitors end up putting a curse upon their heads and that of their children.
Let them be aware that whatever they intends to keep from public notice, is a common knowledge in the market place.
 How come these so-called elders do not know that Barabbas Orji did not write his secondary exams himself and that one of his cousins did, we shall soon invite the authorities to produce his examination file and compare the passport photographs.
It is noteworthy that at the end of the investigation this man who has been found to be a relation the infamous cannibal Clifford Orji may end up prison creating history as the first CRAN ex-president to end in Kirikiri maximum prisons.
 Talk wisely in order to vote wisely. Vote Clifford Orji's cousin out and let us enjoy the gains of being members of CRAN together.