Friday, August 21, 2015

Evil neighbour sets 62 year-old man only son ablaze in Ajeromi

Nigerians, help get justice for the only son of Asuquo sprayed with petrol and lighted to his death by an enraged neighbour!
I really shed tears today as I listened to Matthew Asuquo passionately asking justice for his dead UNIUYO undergrad son.
Emmanuel was allegedly doused with fuel on Tuesday 11th August, 2015 by a neighbour - Jane Osasa - who had a brawl with his mum months earlier. The March 2015 fight left Mrs Asuquo the gorge (photo)
Same neighbour stabbed Mr Asuquo's niece last week on the 8th of August, 2015. The poor girl came visiting - simply to collect N4,000 for some exams from her uncle!
When Mr Asuquo couldn't take it anymore and reported the second stab case to the Area B police station, he was referred to the station close to his house - Ajeromi. The family stays at Ajegunle area, Lagos. Little did he know he was calling for more trouble!
That same night, Emmanuel was roasted alive...
The efforts of the police leaves nothing to be desired. I hold my comments for now.
This is imploring Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and Lagos state Commissioner of Police to intervene.
The suspect, Jane Osasa still walk free and in fact told Mr Asuquo yesterday - few hours after Emmanuel gave up the ghost that "more trouble is to come"
I hear she has the backing of her uncle - one Chinedu aka Danger.
I could only look into Asuquo's eyes today and mutter amidst tears "Justice will be served you!"

I have Mr Asuquo's contacts should you be in any position to help this 62 year-old man get justice for his ONLY son!
You can't imagine the state of the mother.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

That nonsense about 'Abo-baku'

Ayodele Samuel in Lagos state

Have spoken with the Daily Times Reporter who wrote the story and its clear it was misinterpreted. The reporter only reported a trending info around palace quoting unconfirmed sources.

To me the alleged disappearance of the Abobaku of Oba Okunade Sijuwade is meant to be a comic relief.

Am disappointed that this Abobaku stuff, an ancient fiction, has painted our Yoruba tradition in black light.

For real, the Abobaku title has been abolished centuries ago in Yoruba land and the title has been converted to Obaluaye or Saarun- the traditional principal secretary to the King.

Its a shame and disgrace that many of Yoruba origin are fast spreading this myth of no existence. Am not from Ife but have read about the Yoruba race- the Ife never had in its history the title of 'Abobaku', Obaluaye (a simple google search will confirm this), in Ife it Saarun is the Traditional Chief Principal Secretary to the Ooni.

When Oba Aderemi Adesoji joined his ancestors in 1980, did his Abobaku also travel with him?
According to history, Oba Aderemi Adesoji used two Saarun and the last died 11 years after Oba Adesoji joined his ancestors. Therefore he was not buried along with him.
The Saarun are made to take certain oath that will ensure that they don't leak the dead Ooni's secret.
In present day Yoruba kingdom, can anyone point to those who owns the Abobaku title in his village?
I think this is a challenge to the custodians of Yoruba culture, the OPC's and Traditional groups- our people are fast forgetting its history in this digital age, a solution must be proffer-
Ours generation is fast becoming a lax and lazy generation. No commitment to history and research again. A lot of us don't know the distinction between sarcasm and real stuff; cannot differentiate fiction from reality and speculation from material evidence.

Ayodele Samuel is a Lagos based Journalist and Agro specialist
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Owanbe training: Raising Fashion specialists from the street

Ayodele Samuel,Lagos

Few days ago, I visited Owanbe Training Center owned and managed by my very good friend with high taste for quality and standard, Ola Abraham Emmanuel.
Owanbe Nigeria Limited top list of Fashion and Photography firm in town.
He started about 30months ago, after graduating from Prestigious Nigerian Institute of Journalism NIJ, and has since merge his journalistic and creative knowledge to the fashion industry.

Little wonder he sewn for immediate former President Goodluck Jonathan, some governors, corporate bodies and respected individuals.
His 30 months in the sector, has armed him with over than 30 years of knowledge and experience. 
'Africa' has we call him, had his good and bad times in growing his business empire. Today he has the best of modern fashion equipments at his factory and training center, in 2013 his company single-handedly organized africa's largest fashion. 
Africa has benefitted from the knowledge that comes from risk, adventure and creativity. He once went bankrupt but bounce back making good profits, his name was not on any bank debtors list.

This young man said he decided to give back to the society that made by organizing a 3 months intensive fashion training that will cover male and female designs, colour theory, illustrations, starting and setting up, marketing and financing. 

When he ran me through the course packaged in the three months training, I confessed it was too cheap for a N10,000. He told me it actually cost 75,000 and its a CSR promo to empower people.

'Africa' added that he will be bringing Business expert for training, according to him Lagos State coordinator of SMEDAN has agreed to take a session at this forthcoming training.

 He said the SMEDAN official will be  talking about starting a small scale and medium fashion enterprise in Nigeria and how you can access business funds from federal Government.

His target his to raise fashion expert and stylist from our army of unengaged and unemployed youths in the country.
 This total package can help you boast your income or start a new business in the nearest future. No doubt the World is looking towards our fashion industry and would soon became a major export for Nigeria.
The good thing is that there are morning, evening and weekend classes. Registration for this training ends on Friday (Aug.7) and induction for participants is on Monday (Aug.10), sponsor yourself or someone you want a brighter future for... Its a lifetime opportunity

Owanbe CEO  Emmanuel Ola-Abraham can be reached  on 08165314466 and  2BECC94C.‎

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