Monday, November 4, 2013

Taraba 'Anti Suntai' Speaker of the House of Assembly dies.


The Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly Hon. Haruna Tsokwa has died. The Speaker has had health challenges that worsened last week with reports that he suddenly collapsed. Reports of his death began as a rumour this morning, but close associates have confirmed.

It was in April this year, that 17 out of 24 members Taraba State House of Assembly impeached the erstwhile Speaker Hon. Istifanus Gbana and his Deputy Hon. Abel Peter Diah and in his place the late Hon. Haruna Tsokwa emerged as Speaker while Hon. Tanko Maikarfi was elected Deputy Speaker

Taraba State has been the centre of a constitutional crisis, following the incapacitation of its Governor Danbaba Suntai who sustained injuries in a plane crash a year ago. Governor Suntai has been in a struggle to reclaim his post since returning to the country, with the Tsokwa-led legislature insisting that the Governor needed more treatment.
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