Monday, October 11, 2010

Italy based Nigerian Join Presidency Race

Italy based Nigerian Join Presidency Race Italy based Nigerian business mogul Francis Onabis has declared his intension to contest for Nigeria presidency in the 2011 election. Onabis who is currently the President, CEO of Mattia holdings limited, a financial and marketing consulting company in Cyprus and Stillwater Limited in Italy. Onabis said thou he have no political experience but his love for the country and desire for change motivated him. He said he had acquired good governance knowledge and experience by staying outside and he is ready to inject it to Nigeria governance to make the nation great. He lamented the complete break down of Nigeria infrastructures, economy, and security to both people of Nigeria and property, which he attributed to failure of the ruling party, which have been in power since 1999. Also condemning the government of the ruling, PDP saying “they run the government of Nigeria as their own personal property, Government should not be run like that, Nigeria belong to all us and any person who is elected to a public office must understand he or she is there to serve the people, PDP have ruled Nigeria for the past 12years Nigeria is not better off thanks to their way of ruling.” He said over the years multinational companies have moved out of Nigeria, “no regular power supply, the PDP just don’t get the priorities right in Nigeria, the last 12 years they have made their member's rich and the Nigerian masses poorer, provision infrastructures has become a thing of who you know, infrastructures are for the people of Nigeria whichever party they may belong, they have made their party member richer and the masses poorer.” While he condemned the independent bomb blast in Abuja , he said “am not one of the people who believe you can solve problem with force, they say vote is more important than gun. I am convinced nothing cannot be solved with proper reasoning, There is no need killing innocent people to make a point” “If you are not happy with a government you vote them out, If you are not happy with a government you vote them out, killing innocent people will never bring the change we all seek in Nigeria ” While he said he is stargazing on political party to run, he said “am going to take a careful look at the existing party see if their agenda fits mine and then decide Parties, I need to meet with the leader's of the various parties and find out which of them is suited to our course, I can only work with a party which principle's is to salvage Nigeria”