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Shocking!5 APC governors eyeing Labour Party

Shocking! APC governors eyeing Labour Party

Five Governors are secretly making subterranean moves to dump the All progressive Congress (APC) for the Labour Party on May 1, Workers Day, 2014, as a result heavy handedness of party leadership.

Our sources, who craved anonymity, disclosed that Governors Okorocha, Amosun, Amaechi, Kwankwanso and Oshiomhole are among the first batch of decampers which would swell up the rank of Labour Party and make the party a major opposition party in Nigeria, reducing the iron-clad influence of Tinubu. El-Rufai, Tambuwal, Ribadu, Fashola, even Shekarau are said to prefer the Labour Party option.

"This will surely burst the bubble off Tinubu who now dictates to all the governors, legislators and aspirants in APC without regard for the principles of democracy or consensus", a source who would not be named said. "Tinubu is now like a god of APC and it is unacceptable. He almost always unilaterally dictates all policy and decisions of the APC from his Bourdillion Palace. This must be resisted, whether you call it betrayal, instability,or what have you. It is politics and in politics interests govern!", a political aide to one of the southern governors who craved anonymity said.

It is perceived that the aggrieved governors believe that their individual ambitions are fatally threatened within the APC, especially with the disturbing influx of strange characters from the old brigade of PDP, people with competing and insatiable political ambitions. Politicians from the CPC and ANPP are somewhat confused on what remedial steps to take after they realize lately the handwriting on the wall and perceived that they may have been used to achieve a self-serving ambition of the mystery Tinubu.

They reckon that their merged parties are legally dead, and it shameful to return to the PDP. Shekarau is said to have first moved this position but because he was probably misunderstood and apparently victimized for that by the taking of the Kano state structure from him by the APC, he was left with the option of migrating to the PDP. It is believed that he would return if this plan sail through.

In this Labour Party plot, it is believed that Adams Oshiomhole is to be presented as Presidential Candidate because of his general acceptability to north and south and also because he's from the south-south where the President is from. By the permutation, either El-Rufai, Lamido or Tambuwal would be Vice Presidential candidate while Fashola would be prepared to lead the Senate and Okorocha the House of Representatives and Buhari, if he moves in, would be leader of the party." a reliable source disclosed.

It is also rumoured that Buhari may lead the next batch of other APC decampees to Labour Party immediately after the APC Primaries, depending on the outcome. This plan was allegedly hatched in Benin during the smokescreen Youth Carnival where Fashola came to endorse Oshiomhole in Benin, whch seriously offended Tinubu.

According to another source in Sokoto, the main reason for the reexodus and realignment of forces into the Labour Party is "to extricate the true progressives from the current outlook of the APC which is now perceived among Nigerians as the Old PDP with the deregulated influx of everyone in the old PDP that ruined Nigeria".

It is however also believed that this plan is a ploy to preserve the political ambition of the new breeds like Oshiomhole, El-Rufai, Lamido and Tambuwal from political emasculation and annihilation by the schemings of the Tinubu Cabal which many believe is only using unsuspecting governors and legislators to build his APC and corner power for himself or his stooges.
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