Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ibadan: my friend doing wonders with Adire

Permit me to celebrate this young Nigerian who is doing so much in promoting local fabrics across the shores of the continents.

He is a trained journalist with creative mind, sharp sense of humor and bundle of talents.
I like to call him Ibadan, but people call him Africa even though, he was christen Oluwafemi Emmanuel by his Ikire (Osun State) born parents, Mr and Mrs Abraham Olaniyan.

Along his sojourn in life he re-phrased the name to Ola-Abraham, he needed a tosh surname.

 We met on our first day in school,  (Nigerian Institute of Journalism{NIJ}) and as the saying goes, success attracts success, we became best of friends 30 minutes after the end of our first discussion.

We shared the worst and best days on campus. We jostled our home support to fend for ourselves based on our principle of self survival.

Our campus days were rough, but Ibadan was too gentle for my liking, while I was too radical for his person. Well, I guess as the saying goes 'opposite attracts'.
He always had an 'Ibadan' point of view to all issues, always willing to wait patiently to cross the expressway and willing to apologise to bus conductors, even when he is right.

Politically we hold different ideologies, our stand on issues always differs but our friendship was bonded.
We were both major contenders for elective positions in school, we co-founded NIJ campus leading newsletter DODO, but he latter stepped down from the publication to start his own COCONUT after we disagreed on some editorial stands.
We thrived together on campus, we ran the same purse even though I spent a lot more, he never complained. Being his friend has always been fun.

Ibadan had always been a jinx breaker.  I might not agree with his many cumbersome approach of doing things, but he is excellent personified, a multi-tasker who puts his last strength on everything he does.

He spearheaded a lot of reforms on campus, starting from his activities in Solomonic Concept to his role as chairman Students Representative Council, when we organised the first Student Week in NIJ; despite many odds it was a success, a big one!

He also pioneered the Young People Africa YPA, a youth organization in forefront of mobilizing youths across the continent to stand for what is right.