Friday, November 15, 2013


Could it have been poverty or the morbid penchant of the African to benefit from the misfortune of others or a combination of both, that pushed the Onojie of Ugbegun, home town of late Professor Festus Iyayi, to demand the sum of N50bilion as compensation for the death of their son?

Why is life's worth always reckoned in Naira and Kobo? Whose course is the traditional ruler fighting? Luckily for us, the family is not involved in all of this.
Prof. Robert Ebewale, a cousin to the deceased, has said that it was embarrassing to try to equate the life of Prof Iyayi with money, saying that the family was embarrassed with N50billion demand.
According to him, "No amount of money can be compared with the life of that calibre of person, so we want to dissociate our family from that. It is embarrassing to us,".

Let us remind the mercantile-minded kinsmen of Professor Festus Iyayi that the late ASUU President (1986 - 1988) was integrity and justice personified. No one, not even his immediate family, has the moral right to turn Iyayi's death into a money-making venture.

Anything contrary to this would be a disservice to, not only what Iyayi stood for, but also to his memory which must be kept untainted.

That is one of his cardinal principles.

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