Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Zik Governance Index is a web based polling system to rank the sectoral performance of federal and state governments based on the assessment and votes of the Nigerian People.
Named after Nigeria's first president Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Index is uses world class analytics tools to analyze and evaluate government performance through a set of surveys and polls with political, social and economic indicators. The index focuses on three cores measures of good governance: Transparency, Quality of public services and Government effectiveness. ZGI will produce statistically significant, valid results at the scale of real people.
The Index is to develop a widely acceptable standardized set of measures to assess the performance of governments at all levels in Nigeria and increase citizen's involvement in the governance process
Also to maintain a feedback system to help government improve their decision making and engender good governance and effective leadership by collating and analyzing public opinion on governance.
Surveys and Polls in the Index
      The Goodluck Scorecard-a performance assessment survey for President Jonathan
      State Government Performance Assessment Survey for each of the 36 state.
      State Governors' Performance Approval Ratings,
      National Assembly Assessment
      Judiciary Assessment and
      Key Appointees Performance Approval Ratings.
To vote visits , Facebook page: ZIK Governance INDEX  ,    Twitter: @zikindex


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