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Divided Tarabians speaks on Governor Suntai Returns…………… says Umar is a tenant

Divided Tarabians speaks on Governor Suntai Returns…………… says Umar is a tenant
After nearly a year in foreign hospitals following an air accident, Taraba state governor, Danbaba Suntai, will return to Nigeria Today, his family and the state government have said, triggering days of a media buzz. We decided to bring what the People of Taraba, (Tarabians) are saying  
 Remember Suntai had spent four months at the rehabilitation centre, following injuries he sustained in an aircraft crash on his way  to Yola on Oct. 25, 2012

 Rex Bwase Gambo Gankwe
''First of all, an accident took place. It was all over the place that the governor is dead. It was first reported by Sahara Reporters. Even, some television houses reported he was dead, but they changed the news the following day.  
Later on, they said he was in a vegetable state and from there, they said he could no longer recognize people and later, they said he was talking. They said he spoke with the President and the Vice President. But later, we saw him walking out with the team that visited him in New York. I don't know which story will follow again. Maybe, finally, when we see him in the Government House, Jalingo, they would say he is not the one. There was a time they rumoured it was his brother that was holding forth for him. I now begin to imagine the kind of mischief surrounding the governor's accident? When has it become a crime for someone to get involved in an accident he never bargain for? This could happen to anybody. People should rather thank God and celebrate with him, instead of the politics they were playing.''
My stake on Governor Danbaba Danfulani Dansuntai It is obvious and clear that the politics of Taraba state has grown and matured from a mere 'Democratic' entity to a biased and sentimental institution where it is no more 'Anti-party' system, it is now an 'Anti-religious' system with supporters from the two religious groups. The crash of the ill-fated plane of the Governor did not only brought sadness to a particular group, it brought good news to another group as it was seen as a news which calls for jubilation and celebration.
Fate couldnt take it course, as the Governor and his Aides survived the crash. He was rushed abroad as treatment were trying their best to save the life of the helpless Governor. Lying unconscious, the leader who was voted by more than half of the state was expecting prayers from his people for his life to be spared by God. God spared his life thanks to Some few concerned and compassionate people. The news of his improved health should have brought joy in the state, it brought imbroglio and seta centre-stage for argument. Media and social network groups such as Sahara reporters, Taraba speaks e.t.c. were only concerned about the Governors' ability to govern the state again, which i think was the Governors last thought that time. More prayers should have been offered for full and quick recovery of the leader, yet argument took the place
of prayers as pictures of the Governor was said to be photo-staged.
The Governor who has responded well is to come home any moment from now. The people of the state are worried whether the said 'brain-damaged' Governor is capable of governing the state or not.
The fateful day of his arrival will declare it.
My fellow brothers and sisters (Tarabans), the governor will come into the state, we are the government lets allow fate to decide whether he rules us again or we look elsewhere.
He coming back into the state is a testimony if not to the state, but to his family and friends. We should drop religion out of politics and come in as true Democrats. Therefore i call on all Tarabans to come out em mass to welcome the man who almost lost his life to see that the state moves forward.

As we await the arrival of His Excellency, Pharmacist (Pilot) Danbaba Danfulani Suntai...

Permit me to quickly draw the attention of all Tarabans that:

1. It is only God that gives and takes life. It is also only Him that gives power and authority. We cannot all be Governors at the same time. Therefore the return of DDS should rather be seen as a devine WISH. We hope he will return a complete/rational human being
2. DDS before he became AWOL has the mandate of all Tarabans to serve us and if it is true that he is certified sound, proper and fit, then his return should be heralded. But if his image makers are only trading the dangerous path of the "Yaradua's", then they need to be told that life has no duplicate. If Umaru Musa Yaradua as the C in C could NOT survive the gamble, i wonder how it will work out in our remote location of Taraba this time around.

3. We should all bear in mind that no amount of sacrifice we would make for peace to reign in our dear state is negligible. We can only prosper as a state when agree to disagree in order to agree not to disagree! Taraba is the only state we have to claim as ours and Taraba has millions of other DDS's and UTC's. Afterall we only saw them (DDS & UTC) together. So why fight on their behalf?

4. No man is worth your life and no mere jupiter is worth sacrificing your life for.
I can see the ultimate hands of non-Tarabans in this whole drama. If their aim is to distabalise our state for their selfish reasons, I want to say without mincing words that they will not succeed. Our surviving God who gave Moses the wisdom to survive inside Pharoah's house and later use him to crush Pharoah to a standstill is a Surviving God and will fight the cause of Tarabans this time around!

5. Lets us all be informed that "You can NEVER hold a man down without remaining down with him". For those who feel that they will not allow Taraba move forward due to their selfish and egoistic motives, should also know that they will REMAIN stagnated in the level they want us to stagnate. A Nigerian adage says: "A child that says his Mama no go sleep, him too no sleep"!

Finally, i wish to conclude by wishing Danbaba Suntai a mind of himself, Garba UTC the strength of Noah and all Tarabans the patience of Abraham! Ameen.
No matter the condition of the ailing Governor as the cabalist are claiming or planning, time shall tell. I cant confidently tell the world that Senator Bwacha still remain unfit to become the next Governor, Tarabians are wise enough because the senator's perfomance in the senate is weak when compared to that of senator Aisha Alhassan and Abubakar Tutare.
Alice Malicia Luke  

 Power belongs to
God alone, He give it to whoever
He wish. Neither Danbaba
Suntai nor Garba Umar has ever
knew they will one day occupy
their present positions.What's
wrong with us the followers?
Leadership position should not
be determined by person's
affiliation rather by the person's
quality but that has been thrown
to the dustbin allowing
sentiment and personal interest
to be yardstick. Those trying to
deliberately cause tension in the
state should please have a
rethink. The absence of Suntai
didn't cause war so his return
should not cause war. The
acting gov should address the
people of the state, assured
them of the unity that is existing
between him and the gov and
urge everyone to emulate that.
Peace is all we want! The youths
should think scientifically in this
era to move the state forward. If
we believe that our elders have
failed us then we shouldn't
follow their ways of doing things
otherwise our so called
education, civilization and
modernity would judge us at the
end. Government and
governance is not about religion
or ethnicity but about service
delivery and that can only be
achieved on the platform of
unity, peace, and collective on eagle wings Capt
DD Suntai•
Parker Enganya Yakubu wrote;

Truth is, those who truly voted
for PDP are the ones in Jalingo
now expecting the arrival of
their hero while those over-
zealous CPC/ACN followers are
more concerned with the
Mambilla event. Hmmm,do
tenants possess the capability to
displace their Landlords, in
political parlance? Time shall


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