Saturday, May 4, 2013

National Youth Council of Nigeria Leadership crises: IN SEARCH OF GENUINE YOUTH

Leadership crises within youth movements in Nigeria are always disturbing. It saddens me because it makes the youths appear not better than the politicians who have, over the years,  grounded our nation to nothingness.
If the youths are to be the change and future of Nigeria; selfish power-seeking, greed and covetousness must depart from the activities of those seen as leaders of a new Nigeria .
Now that the struggle and challenge for developing our country rest upon on our shoulders , we need a united front championed  for the youths  and by the youths; devoid of political godfatherism, where we won't be divided by selfish agenda of politicians. It is against this backdrop that the National Youth Council of Nigeria NYCN should take the lead!
Though the debate as to who qualifies as a youth remains one dividing line among stakeholders, the Youth international Charter pegged the age of a young person to below 35.
But unfortunately, youths organizations in Nigeria are coerced  under the leadership of people you wondered if there are not grandparents. For example, how do you explain why a typical political party in Nigeria appoints grandparents to lead its youth wing?  
NYCN  for some times has been enmeshed in leadership tussle which could have been resolved in Akure before the national congress was stopped at the orders of the Federal Ministry of Youths Development, penultimate  Wednesday. It is a intriguing that forces  holding  the NYCN by the jugular are no longer youths because they are above 35 years as stipulated in the national youth policy. The Akure congress of NYCN would be nothing but a sham if any individual above the stipulated age emerges into its leadership position. The new leadership of the NYCN must derive its powers from the constitution of the organisation and endorsed by and legitimate members of the council.
Though  Minister for Youth Development deserves some commendation for  saving the council  the pain of going through a congress that was pre determined to be marred by violence and mass rigging, however the minister must stop at nothing in sanitizing the council.
The council is strategic to youth development in the country, therefore effective sanitation  in line with global standards  is not only desirable but not negotiable .
Undoubtedly, thee NYCN is in dire need of genuine leadership that would transform the organization into a true youth movement that upholds constitutional principles and ethos to the letter.
Re What is NDE and Ministry of Youth Devt. Doing?
NDE has been a lame dog, despite having offices in all state of the federation, it has been grossly under funded ,poorly manage and inefficient, as for ministry for Youth Development you will wonder if it really exist   .. Unemployment is the how many – AA, Bauchi.
There is NDE here in my state, but I guess if their office is functional enough to tackle the unemployment in Zamfara
This platform is becoming the voice of the Nigerian youths, you understand our plight and you have begin to hit on its head, am scared you don't derail from this path- Vic Lanche Jalingo  
Its takes best of brains to organize all these crime, a dumb fellow can't do that, but reciquement into security agencies mostly Nigeria police is 'namu namu' so their use the brain against the society and the state- Usman Zaria
Our government no dey try at all, I don dey house since 2009 no job-

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