Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New APC logo: How Tinubu insist on 'Broom'

....  its 'Asiwaju Peoples Congress'

With the new logo of the All Peoples Congress APC unveiled , former Lagos Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is solely /> in charge of the party as his ACN party symbol 'broom' appears despite oppositions against it by other political parties in the merger.
Making it another 'Asiwaju Peoples Congress' like ACN where he controlled like his personal company.
Despite strong opposition from other political stake holders in the merger, Tinubu several sources told me insisted that the new logo must carry broom as it appears in his controlled ACN flag.
While other political stakeholders suggested that a new concept should be develop Tinubu insisted that his broom has swept away Federal control PDP in the South West.
He said when he was AC it was broom, ACN also was broom ' now that am APC its must be same broom that brought us victories in the past' www.ayodelenews.blogspot.com

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