Friday, January 25, 2013

Nigerian Youths are today's leaders, tomorrow is far...

This week I decided to speak the minds of many young Nigerians who are dreaming of a better fathers Land in their life time, which should start from strong participation of the youths in Nigerian political process and governance.

During the recent Constitutional Review programme by the National Assembly, we came under the banner of Youth Alliance on Constitution Review (YACOR), a coalition of  30 groups to fine-tuned our  inclusion in the new constitution, removal of the age requirement for elective offices hurt us most .

One thing  that took central stage at the twitter conference was the constitutional role of Nigeria youths in democracy, the disjointed, disoriented,

disorganized and incoherent pattern of youths involvement in political governance.

The constitutional denial of many youths who are eager to make political changes  if given the chance, must be address in the ongoing amendment process.

Nigerian youths constitute over 50 per cent of the voting population but lacks the opportunities to correctly participate in the nation's political process expect casting votes that often end in trash bins. This however is contributing eminently to our woes over the years.

The current minimum age requirement for elective offices in Nigeria needs to be abolish. Youths are the strength of every nation. Aside being the active age group and dominant of the nation's labour force, Nigerian economy to a large extent depends on its youths due to their awesome efficiency in private businesses and other endeavors within and outside Nigeria which impact on the country's revenue and international relevance cannot be overlooked.

It is a well-known fact that youthful exuberance, enthusiasm and energy tend to fuel organizational activities when exhibited in a controlled and tactical manner. Therefore,  of  what reason why youthful participation in politics, power and state resources control should be delayed still when they have few steps away from their graves?

The age limit bar must be redress if we want to stop recycling these old hands in new garments that form  our government. We need a  younger generation of successive  and responsible leadership skills to pilot the affairs of the country and the constitution amendment should allow this.

At the gathering, many of us (youths) asked for outright removal of age limit or in the alternative reduction of age qualification for contesting election to the office of the president from 40 years to 35 years; governors and Senate (30 years); House of Representatives and state Houses of Assembly
(25 years).

We must not wait till when we are aging and our strength is lost to personal pursuits and

accomplishments before we are allowed to undo these mess, the old generation has plunge us into.

If the popular excuse remains "wealth of experience". Fellow Nigerians, I think these politicians' experiences are needless, what has the experienced leaders since 1999 led us into, uncontrollable corruption, bad roads, massive unemployment, insecurity and many other chaos situations.

Yet we wonder how same people that had failed us still find their way back to power to continue their looting spree, crumbling our brighter future because we are not allow to challenge them at the poll. We can't take this anymore.

Obafemi  Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Ahmadu Bello where in the youthful age when they made their landmark achievements for this country.

How old was General Gowon, Muritala Muhammed when they became head of states? Yet their impacts were felt. 19 years old lady, Proscovia Alengot Oromait of Uganda is the Africa's youngest legislator.

Chad Barefoot at 29 and Rep. Justin Burr at 26, are the  youngest senators in the US congress, why are we denied of same? Nigerian youths have many positive things to contribute in governance if given the
chance to seek elective post.

We can rebuild this nation, we have the strength,  we give a damn about our future ,we are not the leader of tomorrow but leaders of today. We are ready now!



Some Nigeria Police are monsters killing people anyhow, IGP should address it now, well-done sir- James Ugo Abuja

Thoughtful thoughts here, but not all police kills like that we still have good ones here- Ibrahim Ali,Kano.

When police are killed you journalists keeps quite, do you know how many officers that had paid the supreme price for Nigeria and their family now suffers neglect- ASP Amodu Jalingo.

Better their lives and you will see changes, its not easy to carry arms in Nigeria-no name

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