Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jonathan, before we talk about 2015

My Thoughts with Ayodele Samuel (published by today's Peoples Daily Weekend)
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 Jonathan, before we talk about 2015

Many  Nigerians during the illness and evacuation days of Late President Yar'Adua rose to ensure Jonathan was given his right to be made Ag. President,  But today, he has taken away our rights to good  governance  as  Nigerians.

We were fascinated about his 'my brother and sister' speeches and a couple of days the
constitutional crisis got attentions  of every Nigerian, but I never believed in him, I was wary of a fisher man son, who trekked long  distance  without shoes  to school.

As a journalist, I knew Nigerians would be carried away by his pitiful campaign messages promises which my friend Dr. Doyin Okupe told me he fulfilled in 2012 though  I took exception.

The fact remains; Jonathan's government has continue to make many Nigerians  cry. Even at times I felt like leaving the country and come back 2015 perhaps Nigerians may decide to kick him out of Villa. Unpatriotic! You say.

Let face it! Nigeria is in a big mess; our country is drowning at the speed of light, yet these prodigals in government are insensitive to our plights.

As a fresh graduate, I can beat my chest that our major problem as a country is UNEMPLOYMENT, because if solved, it's a solution 20 other problems we face as a nation but this government, led by Jonathan is slow in creating the jobs but fast in stealing our money.

Take for instance, the BRISIN project (The Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria (BRISIN), a multi-billion naira project conceived to provide the fundamental infrastructure for information flow from grassroots to the national level)  was to generate 10 million jobs in 10 years, but under Jonathan administration the project is suffering its worst neglect.

Our manufacturing sector if working at maximum capacity will create 20 million jobs, but today under Jonathan administration more companies are folding up, investors are not coming, therefore, our youths remain unemployed.

With gainful employments Boko Haram will run out of suicide bombers. You said it a lie! Remember, some kidnappers confesses that if only they could earn N20,000 per month, the trade won't be an option.

Corruption is on the increase, imagine, no one is in jail on the subsidy scam till date. We keep reading about the pension scam too yet culprits walk freely on the streets.

Our government continues to deceive us with unimaginable achievements and you wonder if you live in same country Jonathan governs.

Our roads are death traps. Nigerians are dying daily on bad roads with contracts awarded to most powerfuls of the country. we import even tissue paper and tooth pick sticks in Nigeria, little improvement in agricultural sector is distort with importation of 60 billion naira worth of mobile phones from China and America, for unknown 10 million farmers, excluding  my grandmother-  a cocoa farmer because she has two functioning popular brand phones to herself.   

Nigeria can't continue to be govern  by this clueless leaders, we need original freshness. A breath of jobs creation, a revival of our dead textile industries, reopening of our manufacturing companies, a strong government against corruption, all these are still possible before we talk about 2015, Mr. President.

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