Thursday, February 16, 2012

Implementing Free Movement Policy Problematic- ECOWAS

Implementing Free Movement Policy Problematic- ECOWAS

Ayodele Samuel, Abidjan

The Economic Community of West Africa States ECOWAS has said implementing its free movement policy in the region is problematic.

Director of Trade, Industry and Free Movement, Ministry Of African Integration
Republic of Cote D'Ivory Directorate, Louis-Philippe Goli Kouame  while delivering a paper tittle, " Contributions of youth Organization to raise awareness and promote the free movement of person within the ECOWAS" said the implementation of the policy remains problematic at Member State level calling on States to develop means for more stringent implementation, including monitoring and enforcement of the policy at local borders.

He said the harmonization of community member's national laws and regulations to ease free movement is crucial to the implementation of the policy in various member states.
He said Free movement in the integrations process of  ECOWAS is crucial to the growth of the Sub Sahara region,
"the ECOWAS region is perceived as a place of extreme mobility of populations. The bulk of migration taking place by land of  Over 15,000 km of borders intra. and 8500 km with their neighboring countries of North Africa and Central the social continuums extending beyond borders: Country Haussa, more than 30 million people from northern Nigeria and Niger; Mande area with 15 million people between Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire country borders Concept"

He lamented that the commission cannot oblige any country to comfort with the policy, saying this has this principal weaken the contribution of member state to the growth of the region.

He said the ECOWAS policy cannot be implemented by the Head of State, calling on youths to work with government to ensure the successful integration of West Africa communities, "the free movement of persons is paramount need for regional integration in ECOWAS"

He said the youth must learn and understand the free movement policy for the purpose of social, economy and political development.

Nigerian representative at the meeting, Adeola Aroso, says that the policy is overrated by all ECOWAS member states, "it is all talk, no action, the policy of free movement should be effective  at all West African borders and not on paper and our governments should strengthen its local laws, institution and process on implementing the ECOWAS policy."   

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