Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bode George: Obasanjo is a Lair – Opadokun

Bode George: Obasanjo is a Lair – Opadokun Ayodele Samuel,Lagos Chief Ayo Opadokun, the National Coordinator of Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reform (CODER) say former president Olusesgun Obasanjo has been accused of flagrant lies to the public concerning his responses to issues on recent developments in the country. Opadokun in a statement stated that Obasanjo’s diatribe on Bode George and Otunba Gbenga Daniel, the governor of Ogun State lacks moral ground, saying that a response to his hypocritical comments is expedient especially ‘‘‘when the destiny of a Nation is being rubbished by a tragic hero personality in his undue quest to appropriate to himself unmerited infallibility’’. The CODER National Coordinator who described Obasanjo a self – exaggerated individual, stated that the former presidents moral history is replete with hypocrisy, deceit and friendship betrayal, adding that ‘’General Obasanjo has a warped reason about immorality and his born-again status when his public and private life are the opposite of decency is in the public domain’’. ‘The most repugnant behaviour of the enigma called OBJ is his regular habit of lying and falsifying events. OBJ’s unbelievably discredited status has reached a state where whenever he says good morning to you, it is in your best interest to open your window blind to confirm. OBJ’S recent statements on Bode George and Governor Daniel are typical hypocritical lifestyle of the Owu Chieftain’’ Opadokun posited. He stated that the former president knew that he was lying when he claimed that he was lured into the reception held for Bode George in Lagos, the event which he described as ‘celebration of criminality’. Opadokun explained further: ‘’the fact that the Owu Chief attended the ceremony before he became an opponent of the social party clearly illustrates the OBJ double face lifestyle. A decent man should have acknowledged the strident campaign of some of us who had spoken immediately against the Owambe party because we were mindful of the possible negative effects it will have on the young people generally and the Yoruba offspring in particular. On Obasanjo’s comment on the governance failure of Otunba Gbenga Daniel administration in Ogun State in the last eight years, Opadokun pointed out that the former president was being mischievous; as ‘’it came after his PDP faction’s primaries in Ogun State have been accepted by a Federal High Court as the authentic one’’. He further described the Obasanjo’s statement on Ogun as being hypocritical ‘’because he and Daniel were in power between 2003 and 2007 as comrades in arms and he never publicly or otherwise rebuked Daniel for non-performance’’. ‘’For eight years, Gen. Obasanjo had the best opportunity in the world to transform Nigeria. Funding and human resources were available in all ramifications. Furthermore, throughout his eight years in office, crude oil sold at very unprecedented high prices. Yet Obasanjo cannot point at any project that was successfully executed and commissioned’’ he added.

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