Thursday, October 8, 2009


HABA! NIGERIA POLICE FORCE WHAT A COLLUSION OF EVIL Guest writer I hereby draw the attention of the Inspector General of Police and the Police Service Commission to the unprofessional conduct of Ayobo Divisional Police Officer by name CSP Isijola, ACP Bolaji Area G Area Commander, AIG Zone 2 by name M.D Abubakar, and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police as regards to Ayobo land dispute. It is appalling that Nigeria Police Force have sold themselves to land grabbers and agents at the expense of the ethics of their profession. It is saddened to note that Nigeria Police who ought to be a custodian of truth, faithfulness per-excellence and protector of armless citizens have constituted themselves to enemies of the citizens and whipping tools in the hand of land agents and speculators who are parading themselves as lords over the Nigerian Police Force. But this is against the slogan of Nigeria Police Force which says police is your friend. Is there nothing like self defense in our legal dictionary? When a single man by name Al-Moroof Owonla A.K.A Kaka led teams of bandits on the 10th of July 2008 and invaded the whole Ayobo Land with about 30 commercial buses loaded with thugs, that were heavily armed with guns, cutlass, axe, charms and diverse of ammunitions, killing, maiming, looting and raping innocent girls in a day light under a phantom court judgment with several counter judgments, while others are still pending in court. The whole Ayobo communities were thrown into confusions it took the intervention of Rapid Response Squad from area G led by the area commander himself to save and rescue the entire communities from Kaka and his boys. The case was taken up by the Community Development Association and reported to Ayobo Police station under CSP Isijola DPO Ayobo Division the casualties and those that were caught by the community and the Police were taken to State CID Panti Yaba, Lagos for cross examination and with the mind that they will eventually be prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction. But it was rather unfortunate at the turn of events and the present scenario in Ayobo land that the same Police Force who rescued us from the bandits and thugs led by Kaka, the same Police Force who saw the killings and lootings, raping and destruction of lives and properties of innocent citizens has teamed up with land speculators to fight the masses and deprived them of their landed properties all in the name of blood money. It is imperative to note therefore that the same community who reported this ugly incident who are the complainants has become an accused overnight when money has exchanged hands. Haba! Nigeria Police Force what manner of friend is this? The questions then arise:  Has the law vested so much power on individual to take over or over run a whole community of about eleven villages by force when the case is still pending in court?  When has Nigeria Police force become a whipping tool in the hand of thugs parading themselves as land grabbers, speculators and agents?  What hope do we have in Nigerian Police Force that has become foes to the masses?  What is the fate of the masses in this country called Nigeria where godfatherism thrives at the detriment of the masses?  When Nigerian Police Force has become an instrument in the hand of the criminals to unleash hardship on the people where do we run to?  When Nigeria Police Force who ought to be an umpire become a competitor all in the name of money what becomes the hope of the masses?  What manner of a nation is this where money determine the degree of innocent and the guilty where do we run to for succour?  What hope do we have in a nation where a first class Oba was arrested and forced to sign an undertaking that he was an accused at the seat of power what becomes the fate of ordinary citizens?  What manner of a nation is this where the Police and common criminals are friends to deprive the innocent citizens of their properties?  When the law enforcement agencies turned a blind eye to crimes linked to influential politicians or powerful godfathers even where ample evidence of criminal wrongdoings can be fully established where do we go to enforce justice? One might wonder, why all these questions? The answer is not far fetched a fact finding delegation was sent to Ayobo land for on the spot assessment both at the Zone 2 and Abuja respectively the community took them round and saw things by themselves. The widows and the children of the people killed were interviewed the video coverage as regards to wanton destructions of lives and properties by Kaka and his team of criminals were seen. Yet the outcome is that the masses are guilty and should you report Kaka boys to DPO Ayobo Division for destroying your properties you will find yourself in the cell. Let CSP Isijola DPO Ayobo division, M.D Abubakar, AIG Zone 2, ACP Bolaji Area Commander, Lagos State Commissioner of Police and others who are turning deaf ears to the crying of the masses realize that if we don’t have money to throw about like Princess Momoh the iron woman behind Kaka and Bello we have God. Methinks rule of law is all about what is right, what is pure, what is honest, what is virtuous, what is noble and what is authentic. Egalitarian society is not ugly, neither is it wicked nor crooked. Egalitarianism is not deceptive and vindictive, but reverse is the case in Nigeria. Moreover, I wish to appeal to the new Inspector General of Police most especially Police Service Commission to come to our aids in Ayobo land and save us from Kaka and his boys in Nigeria Police Force. Because we cannot sleep with our two eyes closed, we cannot put one block on the other without destroying it despite the fact that several counter judgments has been delivered and some are still pending in court of competent jurisdictions. Justice demands that you can only claim a certain portion of land and not an entire community of about eleven villages. To worsen the situation the Police who are to provide safety for the masses have become haven for land speculators and land agents all in the name of money. This collusion of Nigeria Police Force and criminals is devilish, however we live in a country where the law is only meant to suppress the masses, haven forgotten that there is always a limit to human endurance. But the moment a goat is pushed to the wall is bound to fight back, thus says the crying of the masses. From Pastor John 'T. Awe Ayobo Resident 08033190351

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