Tuesday, September 8, 2009



The strike that cripples our University has been view as one of the sabotage on the education sector from this administration. Although many students are counting their lost to the unending plight of their striking lecturers.

Even though as many of our graduates are half-baked due to the poor system in our 187 university across the country, ASUU strike should be another means of self baking in our set career.

Yes our 300 level student of Electrical Engineering has been counting days, doing nothing, perhaps, they should have been more interested in learning some local electrical techniques in a nearby electrical technicians shop, or an electrical firm, where he can earn little or nothing, but to gather experience.

The era of student learning trade have disappear, due to over civilization. A student in one of our striking institution recently told me of how he has been busy doing nothing daily, “ I cant really explain how I spend my time this days”, he lamented to me during our discussion.

Recently, a top Government official told me of how to build C.V in ones career, which many Nigerian youths lack, she disclosed that she gained experience outside the school environment, which really counts in C.V development.

Just last week, a 200 level student of Food Technology, told me of how he got a job in a Fast Food company across the country, but turn down the offer due to poor salary, Nigerian student should see the money as a motivator, and not As a Right.

Learning outside the school environment should be encouraged among our youths, mostly at this period, the leaders of school union have unjustly crippled our universities, due to the fact that they have failed to champion the cause of the students who elected them into the position they have are.

This opportunity may never surface for the great Nigerian students, if the Federal Government answers the plight of our schools lecturers; what we need is for the government to change the face of the educational system of our great nation Nigeria

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