Monday, July 14, 2008


Okosun burial beings The burial ceremony of the late music legend Sonny Okosun has on Sunday being with different activities which started with a one day national tribute seminar organize by The New Breed Christian Association which was founded by the late sonny okosun and the national burial committee, and also a youth tribute concert was also held for the late music legend. Christians who participated at seminar which was themed “Building Great leaders of our tomorrow” called on the African union and the federal government to immortalize the late music legend. Speaking at the occasions the mayor of the non-indigenes in Lagos Eze Ngozi Ibekwe said there is need to for Africa to remember Okosun becausehe used his music to build peace in the continents his words “sonny Okosun was a man of integrity and a crusader of peace through his music, he had fought for the freedom of Africa through his music”. He added that the non indigene community in Lagos will always remember the late musician because he has contributed greatly into community. Also speaking at the guest speaker from Italy Bishop Sam Ame call for adjustment in the body of Christ which Okosun transformed in his last hour, he said along the line caught the fire and became the son of God “he preached salvation and God is ready to harvest his people” he said Okosun death is a time for sober reflection for the Christians. He promises to ensure that the ministry of the late musician and his vision will not die a premature death; he said he is going to do everything possible that the fire of the late musician keep burning. Holding simultaneously was the youth tribute concert organizes by the youth wing of the late musician ministry and the family at Excellence hotel Ogba where over 1000 youths storm the venue, it was noted that chairs were not enough for the youth who came to pay their last respect for the music legend. It was however recorded that over 1500 personality from all over the world has sign the condolence register in his Ogba residence. Also dispelling the rumor of misunderstanding in the family Okosun son Mr. Friday Okosun said the family is in other “all of us are working towards giving my late dad befitting burial, you know there will always be little disagreement, every body want his or her idea to prevail on the funeral plans but we’ve resolve that you know our father preaches love and peace in the family”.

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