Friday, July 25, 2008

NGO apeals to NUT

Ayodele Samuel Lagos CO-ORDINATOR of Golden Heart Foundation Mr. Olumide Omojuyigbe has appeal to Nigerians Union of Teacher NUT to call off nation-wide strike to give room for peaceful dialogue with the Federal Government. Speaking toMR NIGERIA NEWS, Olumide said the Government could not dialogue effectively under pressure “not until the suitation are cam down and teachers are back in the classroom saying “two wrong don’t make a right”. He added that the government should take education very serious since it the bedrock of development in the society, he stress that most money allocated for education are spent on Unity schools which have a low percentage of student in the country. He said NUT problem is beyond Teacher Salary scheme,” for every country that want to develop it most take the pain of the teachers seriously by giving them good welfare package which will attract more qualified people into the teaching profession, the motivation of teachers is the issue” He bluntly said most teacher are not qualified for the TSS scheme due to there incompetence, he call on NUT to upgrade members ready to deliver qualities teaching to student if TSS is been implemented. He said his organization will continue to enhance the education sector in the country

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