Sunday, April 28, 2013

Government, Create jobs now!


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Published on Peoples Daily Weekend, 28-04-2013

Last week on this space, I took time to explain the worrying rate of unemployment in the country, many people agreed with me that the doom day is just too near.

Also the kidnapped Council chairman of Ejigbo Local government in Lagos Kehinde Bamigbetan, who was   released same  Saturday brought back more worrisome feedback from the kidnappers den.

He said his   kidnappers are graduates who have been on the street and could not get jobs

"They said they were graduates and this country has not provided jobs for them and the same country that has rendered them unemployable spend billions of naira everyday on wasteful projects. They graduated about six years ago with no employment and they have to do this, take the risk. They have to take part of the national cake."

Just like many victims of violent crimes in the country, their assailants are mostly young educated and brilliants, How do we explain to our unborn children that our best brains in our country, are force to take to crime due to unemployment ? It is absolutely wrong.

it's time the government looks into creating jobs, it very simple, let the country works effectively!

let the textile sector be restored to its past glory, let the Delta Steel Company works at its full capacity, let the Ajaokuta steel mill is set on the run, millions of youths would be off the streets.

Hundreds of job creation projects are suffering setbacks under the present administration, a project to create more than 10 million jobs in ten years has been swept under the carpet at the Planning Ministry, yet this government look helpless on creating jobs.

What are the Nigeria Directorate of Employment NDE, Ministry of Youths doing, are they running short of ideas to tackle this menace? 

My findings reveals that every states in this federation has more than two integrated manufacturing companies that has close shop, let them be revived.

Revival of our manufacturing sector, controlling our level of importation  would go a long way to reduce our unemployment rate.

Our rural schools lacks teachers, the government should put efforts in place to train graduates to become teachers, while business environments are make conducive for young entrepreneurs, the power sector must be fixed, a stable power supply will create a revolution in the industrial sector and a flourish of the informal sector will take millions of youths off the street.

 All these and many more which the government am sure are aware can save the country from the time bomb of unemployment. No country has ever developed with this high rate of unemployment in its land.


Re the doom day is here

I will try to keep as tradition on this platform to publish every first five comments I received from  my readers, thanks

Our government has forgotten that an idle hand is the devils workshop, thanks for reminding them once again- Kefas, Numan Yola

Insecurity is a social problem Nigeria urgently needs social help- Ibrahim, Suleja

The government is trying its little best, the youths should complement by being creative in creating jobs, you just painted a government that is doing nothing to address the issue, it's not fair- Nosa

You did not apologize for the long break in bringing this column, 'Unemployment is a global phenomenon, we must learn to live with it'  - Aliyu Adamu (AA)Bauchi

 Bad Governance is the major cause of our woes; we have good resources but bad leaders, may God help and deliver  us


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