Saturday, March 9, 2013

Al-makura! 'Nasarawa 4' must not die in vain

For over three weeks, the Nasarawa State University community had suffered non-availability of Basic amenities (water and electricity supply) without the authorities of the University either explaining the reasons for the lack of these essential amenities to the students and the entire community or making efforts to fix the problem or make alternative arrangement for the supply of the amenities before the students embarked on a peaceful protest to drive home a demand .A demand for what is right, a demand of good live yet a demand that take away four promising lives, it remind us of the 1986 ABU massacre.

Deploying armed military officers and police personnel to employ the use of excessive force to quell civil protest by students who were not armed was very wrong and unreasonable -though the University management denied inviting them to quell the protest ,no official explanation or excuse can erase the guilt of the army as their act was  brutal murder of innocent protesters demanding decent welfare conditions.

While I place the responsibility to ensure safety of its students either protesting or not on the University management, Governor Tanko Al Makura still remains the Chief Security Officer of the state, he should explain to Nigerians, who invited soldiers to quell a legitimate protest, who killed the students as the police and Nigerian Army are finding it difficult to take responsibility. He should pay adequate compensations to the families of victims and recommend ways to forestall future occurrence. It should be stressed that students protesting lack of basic amenities do not deserve to be killed. Those students should not be allowed to die in vain. Those responsible must be brought to justice.

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