Thursday, January 5, 2012

Press Statement on Wednesday attack Daily Trust in Kano

The Young Journalists Forum has strongly condemn Wednesday’s attack on the Kano regional office of Media Trust Limited, the publisher of Daily Trust and Weekend Trust title, by armed thugs over a report that the Kano State government has supported the removal of petroleum subsidy. In a press statement signed by its president, Ayodele Samuel and Secretary, Zacheaus Somorin, the attack purportedly sponsored by the Kano state government is described as irresponsible of a democratic government and infringement on the freedom of the Press. “No sane government in this democratic era would clampdown on the media for carrying out its function to inform the public of government policy, but the action of the state government is not only condemnable but rejected by the media,” the statement said. In what it described as first attack and gaddafian strategic crackdown, the young journalists forum argued that bourgeois ideologues of the state government shows that Nigerian cannot see the truth about the fuel subsidy facade. The group therefore demanded for immediate apology from the state government while calling on president Goodluck Jonathan to reverse fuel subsidy removal which it described as a '' nauseating economic haven for upper class banditry of the nation's resources." The journalists’ group again questioned president Jonathan on why the citizens cannot enjoy subsidy, which they said is the only benefit they derive from the government since they provide other basic things themselves – water, education, electricity, health, clothing, food and shelter. YJF posited that the capitalistic tendency of President Jonathan is becoming unbearable saying his excuse of cabal, the esoteric clique, blamed for the hindrance to the possibility of building a local refinery is stomach-turning. The forum also declares its total support to the organized labor in its fight against the anti-people government of President Goodluck Jonathan. “We are in support of all actions to force the government to reverse the removal of petroleum subsidy which is presently causing untold hardship to Nigerians. The forum however urged all young reporters regardless of their beat to give prompt and effective coverage to all Labour activities during the strike which begins Monday until the will of the majority of Nigerians is done. Ayodele Samuel, Lagos 2348074420617,

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